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After their heroics throughout the Season 7 storyline, the IO Guards are back in Fortnite Season 8. While the alien threat is gone, the island of Fortnite is under siege from the Cube Monsters. As such, it seems the IO Guards have hung back to help protect the island once again. To mark their stay, Epic Games has included several seasonal challenges that involve the IO in some way.

Some of the Fortnite Season 8 NPCs require players to visit the IO Guards for their various quests. The problem with this is that players have no idea where to find the guards, as their numbers have thinned out significantly since Season 7. Luckily, they’re found in easily identifiable spots and players can even see where the guards are themselves in-game.

Finding the IO Guards in Fortnite Season 8

Players who are working through or have completed Charlotte’s questline will have a huge advantage in finding the guards. Charlotte requires players to visit IO outposts across the map, which are the only locations the guards are found. Moreover, Charlotte marks these spots on the player’s map, making finding the IO Guards simple.

However, for players that don’t have that luxury, they can look below for the locations of the IO Guards in Fortnite.

IO Guards in Fortnite
The locations of all five IO outposts in Fortnite Season 8. | Provided by Epic Games
  • Southeast of Misty Meadows, east of the big snowy mountain
  • South of Holly Hedges, west of the red aftermath
  • Southwest of The Aftermatch in the center of the map
  • North of Dirty Docks on the coast
  • Southeast of Pleasant Park by the river

These outposts are a bit smaller than the Season 7 satellite stations, but do house some IO Guards. Players will have several NPC quests dealing with the IO in Season 8, so it’s best to commit these locations to memory.