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Toona Fish is one of the new Battle Pass skins in Fortnite Season 8 but it holds some special characteristics. Players are able to upgrade the skin in two different ways that allow for some unique customization options. The first upgrade path is through changing Toona Fish’s styles by acquiring Rainbow Ink. The second path is by collecting Color Bottles to change their skin color. Additionally, players looking to find Color Bottles will need to visit Gorgeous Gorge to acquire the Diamond Blue color.

Gorgeous Gorge isn’t a new location in Fortnite Season 8 but it also isn’t a named POI on the map. This guide will assist players in locating the three Color Bottles that are found in the location.

Finding Gorgeous Gorge in Fortnite

Players can either land directly at the gorge or at a named POI to gear up before they venture out. Gorgeous Gorge is located between The Aftermath and Lazy Lake on the Season 8 map. Players can view its exact location below.

Gorgeous Gorge in Fortnite
The location of Gorgeous Gorge in Fortnite Season 8. | Provided by Epic Games

Finding Diamond Blue Color Bottles in Fortnite

Once players are at Gorgeous Gorge, they can find the three Diamond Blue Color Bottles. Without these, the color won’t be unlocked for the player’s Toona Fish skin.

Below, players can find the exact locations for the bottles:

  • At the top of the waterfall
  • Floating at the halfway point of the waterfall
  • At the base of the waterfall, in the river

One jump off of the cliff with the waterfall should net players all three Color Bottles. When players have all three, they’ll unlock the Diamond Blue color for Toona Fish in Fortnite. The color can then be equipped through the Edit section of the locker.