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During the first few hours of Elden Ring, players will discover all sorts of new mechanics in the game. From learning how to level up to getting Torrent the house as a mount, simply playing Elden Ring acts as progression. However, there are certain parts of the game that require you to go out and earn your progression. Golden Seeds are one of the ways that Elden Ring does this.

Golden Seeds are used to increase the number of charges your flasks have. So, whether you’re using Crimson Tears for HP restoration or Cerulean Tears for FP restoration, you can increase the number of charges you have available for either flask. However, Golden Seeds are proving extremely difficult to find in Elden Ring, so players everywhere want to know where they can find the item.

Golden Seeds in Elden Ring

To start off, the easiest way to acquire one Golden Seed is to choose it as your starting Keepsake. You can choose one of several Keepsakes after you decide what class you want to play the game as. The Golden Seed Keepsake simply lets you start the game with one of them so you immediately have access to an increased flask charge.

Elden Ring Golden Seeds
A Golden Seed in Elden Ring. | Provided by FromSoftware

Beyond that, the only place to find Golden Seeds is on sprouting Erdtrees, which are bright gold. These tree locations are few and far between in Elden Ring, as the developers don’t want you to have access to a large number of flash charges too early.

The earliest Golden Seed you will likely encounter is just north of Stormgate. Keep riding along the road until you see one of the golden Erdtrees on the right side. Stop to interact with the tree and you’ll be rewarded with one Golden Seed.

To use the seed, rest at a grace site and press the “Flasks” option. From here, select the option that says “increase the number of flask charges” and you can use the Golden Seed to gain an extra charge.

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