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Destroyed Dish is a location in Fortnite Season 8 that players will need to visit if they want to fully upgrade their Toona Fish skin. The location holds the Color Bottles for the Robotic Grey color. This is an appealing choice for those who don’t want a bright and vibrant color on their skin. However, to acquire that color for Toona Fish, players must find out where Destroyed Dish is on the Season 8 map in Fortnite.

Like many unnamed locations for the Color Bottles, Destroyed Dish is in a new part of the Season 8 map. Both veterans and newcomers to Fortnite might have some trouble finding where it is, but all players will need to know where to find the specific Color Bottles that inhabit the location.

Finding Destroyed Dish in Fortnite

Players will want to land at either Corny Crops or Dirty Docks when they’re looking for Destroyed Dish. Once there, players can find some weapons and gear up in case they get spotted by any enemies looking for the Color Bottles.

After they have some gear, players can make their way to the red area on the map southeast of Corny Crops and southwest of Dirty Docks.

Destroyed Dish in Fortnite
The location of Destroyed Dish in Fortnite. | Provided by Epic Games

Finding Robotic Grey Color Bottles

Once players have made their way to Destroyed Dish, they can begin looking for the three Color Bottles. Their locations are listed below:

  • A little ways up the broken bridge on the east side
  • In the center of the location
  • Under a tent on the southernmost wall

If players manage to find all three Color Bottles, they will fully unlock the Robotic Grey color for Toona Fish. Players can equip the color in the Edit section of Toona Fish’s locker.