How to find Curtis' Garage key in Dead Island 2
Curtis' Garage key Dead Island 2
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How to find Curtis’ Garage key in Dead Island 2

This side quest has several twists and turns

The probable first side quest that players will embark on in Dead Island 2 is called “The Death of the Party.” It involves you helping out a man named Curtis, whose mansion is being overrun by zombies — and he needs your help to clear them out.

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This is the easiest part of the quest, funnily enough, as the more difficult parts come from the content that surrounds Curtis’ house. One of the more confusing parts about this quest is trying to locate Curtis’ Garage key, as it’s seemingly nowhere to be found.

While the garage does not play a major role in the completion of the quest, players will still want to gain entry and see what the old man is hiding away. Here’s exactly how you can find Curtis’ Garage key and enter the garage itself in Dead Island 2.

Finding Curtis’ Garage key in Dead Island 2

Interestingly enough, Curtis’ Garage key is actually found within the garage itself. So, the question now becomes how can you enter Curtis’ garage. All you need to do to accomplish this is go to the side of the garage with the two cars parked in front of it. There will be a button in the middle column between the two garage doors here. Simply push that button, and the left garage door will open.

Head inside the garage and turn right at the end of it. You will find cardboard boxes stacked up, but you can crouch and go underneath the boxes to reach the other side of the garage. Here, you will find a Workbench, some lootable items, the Reinforced perk, and Curtis’ Garage key sitting on a table. This allows you to exit the garage through the side door.

And that’s all there is to opening Curtis’ garage and finding his key in Dead Island 2. If you want to know how to open Curtis’ Safe in his mansion, check out our other guide.

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