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Sledgehammer last made an appearance in Fortnite Chapter 1 – Season 5 when he arrived on the Battle Pass. However, Epic Games decided to bring him back in Season 8 with the v18.30 update as a non-playable character. With this, Sledgehammer also received his own set of Punchcard quests, all of which deal with The Sideways. One of those challenges is to collect Cube Monster Parts, which could be confusing for some Fortnite fans.

The Cube Monsters are restricted to The Sideways, so players will need to enter the alternate dimension to complete this quest. Players can choose to enter in two ways; either through an Anomaly or through a Sideways Zone. The Anomalies are marked on players’ maps as tiny swirls, while the Zones are the giant bubbles that encompass an entire POI. Entering through a Zone is how players will likely want to proceed with collecting Cube Monster Parts in Fortnite.

Find Cube Monster Parts in Fortnite

Once players have entered The Sideways, they’ll almost immediately see some Cube Monsters coming at them. Players need to ensure that they’re prepared for these fights, so grabbing gear prior to entering The Sideways is advised.

As players are mowing down the Cube Monsters, they’ll notice that they drop some items behind. In the mix of these items are Cube Monster Parts, which players will need to collect by simply running over them. Players will need a total of 50 parts in order to complete the Punchcard quest from Sledgehammer in Fortnite.

Once players have retrieved 50 parts, they’ll complete this quest and earn themselves 30,000 XP for their Season 8 Battle Pass. However, players can also go a step further and use the Cube Monster Parts to upgrade Sideways weapons. This is done through the crafting screen, which is where players can also check how many Parts they currently have in their possession.

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