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Overnight, Epic Games released the v18.21 update in Fortnite, introducing a slew of seasonal-themed content. The Fortnitemares event has returned, giving players numerous spooky tasks to do across the battle royale. However, some players might be more interested in the new NPC additions with the update. One of them is Ariana Grande, the international pop star who performed a concert in Fortnite earlier this year. However, the singer looks a little different this time around.

Ariana Grande is now a monster hunter, with the sole objective of taking down the Cube Monsters in the Sideways. While this might play a part in the Season 8 storyline, for now, players only have one goal with the NPC: to complete her set of Punchcard quests and earn some valuable Battle Pass XP. To do that, players need to know where they can find Ariana Grande in Season 8.

Finding Ariana Grande in Fortnite

Luckily, Ariana is actually patrolling a named POI in Fortnite Season 8. Players can jump off of the Battle Bus and descend to Believer Beach. This is where Ariana Grande is doing her monster hunting and also where players can interact with her.

Doing this will start the NPC’s Punchcard questline. Like all other NPCs in Fortnite, Ariana Grande has a set of five quests that players can complete for 30,000 XP each. If players are having some trouble finding Ariana Grande, they simply must search the entire location. NPCs like to patrol the area in which they’re found, so players might not find her at the same location they had previously.

As long as players are diligent enough in their search, they’ll find Ariana Grande within a couple of minutes. Then, they can begin her Punchcard questline and mark her location if they need to speak to her again in the future.

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