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Last night, Epic Games released yet another update, v17.30, in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7. Along with some bug fixes and future content added to the files, Epic has released a new weapon with almost every update. That trend continued in Week 10, as the Prop-ifier has made its long-awaited debut in Fortnite.

Data-miners first discovered the Prop-ifier in the game files earlier in the summer but is only now arriving in-game. Naturally, fans immediately want to know how to get their hands on the new alien-themed weapon in Fortnite. Luckily, there are a couple of set methods to acquire the extra-terrestrial gun.

Finding the Prop-ifier in Fortnite Season 7

As of Week 10, players can find the Prop-ifier in a few different ways. The easiest route to acquiring it is through luck by searching common chests. Like most other items in Fortnite, the new gun can pop out of any old chest across the island.

Though, this isn’t the most common way to find the Prop gun. That method is through the alien Abductors and on the Mothership. Players can land on the tops of Abductors to have a solid chance of finding the gun or through the mini-game located on the Mothership. Players can earn the gun, as well as other Season 7 weapons like the Grab-itron, as a reward for completing the mini-game.

Using the Prop-ifier in Fortnite Season 7

The Prop gun is a tool that players can use to turn themselves into one of a few pre-determined props. When equipped, players can scroll through the props on the Prop-ifier’s holographic display. Once players find the one they want to turn into, they can press the fire button and they’ll transform into the item.

Players can either hide as a prop or run around the island as they normally would. However, no matter what course of action is chosen, the prop will “bug out” from time to time, which could be detrimental if enemies are around.

At its core, the Prop-ifier is another gimmick weapon that should be fun to use in Fortnite. Although, it won’t see much use in competitive play and will likely be disabled from those playlists.