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Last night, Epic Games released the small v17.10 hotfix that many players didn’t expect much from. However, the developers threw a curveball and added a brand new item into Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7: Alien Nanites. The item is right on theme with the season but there’s some confusion around what they actually do and where to find them.

Where to find Alien Nanites in Fortnite

While some believe that the Nanites can only spawn in the new POI, Holly Hatchery, that isn’t the case. The new items can actually spawn all over the map as either ground loot or inside of containers. They are fairly rare, though, so players should consider picking one up whenever they stumble upon one.

If players want a higher chance of finding the extraterrestrial item, they can board the Mothership or go on top of the Alien Abductors. Alien Nanites have a higher chance of spawning on the alien crafts.

Fortnite Mothership
Alien Nanites spawn more frequently on the Mothership. | Provided by Epic Games

How to use Alien Nanites in Fortnite

Once players find a Nanite, they’ll notice that it takes up one slot in their inventory. After it’s added to the inventory slot, it has two uses. The first is as a standard Fortnite deployable that players can throw out onto the map. The Alien Nanite acts as a giant bubble, known as the Alien Biome, and has low gravity. This allows players to get some high ground on enemies but the field only lasts for a few seconds. Once it’s over, players will fall but they won’t be dealt any fall damage.

The next use for the Nanite is as a crafting material. If players have a specific weapon of Rare rarity or higher, they can use the material to make an alien weapon. Crafting recipes for the Alien Nanites are found below.

  • Blue or higher Assault Rifle: Pulse Rifle
  • Blue or higher Submachine Gun: Kymera Ray Gun
  • Blue or higher Sniper Rifle: Rail Gun

Players just need one Nanite to make the new weapon, which is why they’re so rare in Fortnite.