How to find and kill the Scavenger in MW2 DMZ
Kill the Scavenger DMZ
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How to find and kill the Scavenger in MW2 DMZ

The newest boss in DMZ

The Scavenger is a new mini-boss in Call of Duty DMZ that was added with the Season 3 update.

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This is no ordinary enemy, as the Scavenger is incredibly difficult to kill and comes with several AI soldiers flanking his back. Your skills will be put to the test in this fight, and we recommend you try to kill the Scavenger with at least one other person on your team.

However, before you can even think about killing the Scavenger, you need to know where to find them in DMZ.

Finding the Scavenger in DMZ

How to find the Scavenger mini boss in DMZ - Dot Esports

The Scavenger is not located in one specific area of either Al Mazrah or Ashika Island. The boss can be found on both maps, but only in general areas.

On Al Mazrah, you can find the Scavenger near the dunes, and on Ashika Island they can be found across the shoreline. These are broad areas, but those seem to be the only details we have regarding the boss’ spawn locations. Luckily, the game will trigger a warning, which says “multiple operators have gone missing here,” when you are approaching the area where the Scavener is near, so you won’t be completely blind. When you approach the Scavenger, a new icon will appear on your map that tells you their exact location.

As you are tracking the Scavenger, you will see scattered bodies across the area. If you loot these bodies, you will find the Scavenger’s calling cards. Normally, you have to follow the trail of bodies to find all three of the Scavenger’s calling cards, but sometimes the boss will appear as soon as you start tracking them.

The Scavenger is an NPC dressed in a dark ghillie suit and they will have several fully-armored soldiers on their flank. You’ll know you have found the Scavenger if you hear them scream out, “First I’ll take your life, then I’ll take your gear.”

The best way to kill the Scavenger is to focus on them and not worry about the other soldiers. The Scavenegr is decked out in armor, so you want to aim for the head consistently, which requires a ton of bullets. It’s recommended to find some cover and continue to rotate between different pieces of cover in between shooting the Scavenger.

Once you have managed to defeat the Scavenger and his soldiers, you will be able to loot the boss’ body. A ton of loot will drop, and it’s all for the taking. You’ll find weapon blueprints, Secure and Scavenger Backpacks, killstreaks, and plenty of other items.

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