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How to find and complete the Sealed Tunnel in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has gone down in history as one of the best games for PC but it won’t remain iconic for its characters, its visuals, its voice acting… No, what truly has Elden Ring in gamers’ hearts is its extreme difficulty. It’s been considered a hard game to beat since it came out and players are still looking to get through some of the tougher challenges, including finding and completing the Sealed Tunnel.

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The Sealed Tunnel is a catacomb hidden within the Capital Outskirts. You’ll need to complete this mysterious location if you want to unlock the Divine Tower of West Altus and acquire the Great Rune of a Shardbearer. And you’ll find other useful items within along your journey. Of course, you will need to defeat some enemies throughout the Sealed Tunnel to get out with your life and treasures.

Where to find the Sealed Tunnel

You’ll locate the Sealed Tunnel southeast of the Outer Wall Phantom Tree Site of Lost Grace inside the Capital Outskirts. This is found near Leyndell, Royal Capital.

Travel to the Outer Wall Phantom Tree bonfire and then head east toward an open field. Walk far enough and you’ll find yourself on a cliff. Make your way down the slope and you’ll find a mote. Head south, passing the Land Squirts, and you’ll eventually see the entrance to the Sealed Tunnel.

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Sealed Tunnel walkthrough

Once within the walls of the Sealed Tunnel, pass through the long hallway and activate the Site of Lost Grace. Then turn west and make your way through the illusionary wall to get to the next area.

Here, make your way down a small slope and you’ll see some crates and barrels you have to get through. At this point, you’ll find a chest that has the Elden Ring Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing. Behind this, you can find another hidden wall.

Use an elevator and go down to attack the third illusionary wall, found between tree roots. At this point, you’ll be in a large area filled with Vulgar Militiamen. Make your way around with the large branches, making your way to the platform on the other side. Don’t fall down or you’ll have to fight the Vulgar Militiamen.

In the next room, you’ll see more overgrown branches. This time, they’re blocking your path to the stairs. You’ll see an opening you can fall through on the right side of a wooden platform. Avoid the Abnormal Stone Clusters, whose explosions are lethal. You’ll come across a seeming dead end but it’s another illusionary wall.

Behind, you’ll find another area with large branches. When you reach the ground again, head to the large open door and you’ll be brought to the Onyx Lord boss room.

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How to beat Onyx Lord in Elden Ring

Onyx Lord seems simple at first but his Gravitational Magic makes him a bit tricky to deal with at times. Here are some tips to stay ahead of him and get out of the Sealed  Tunnel alive.

Onyx Lord plunges his sword into the ground that unleashes a massive shockwave. Meteorites will fall from the sky. Create some distance and avoid these incoming attacks by getting behind the boss and striking him.

When he goes to swipe you, roll through his arm to dodge the attack. You can do the same in the opposite direction when he uses his long sword. If you’re using long-ranged weapons, you may have a tougher time avoiding his Meteorite attacks.

Defeating the Onyx Lord will earn you the Greatsword and 16,000 Runes.