How to find and catch Univolt in Palworld
How to find and catch Univolt in Palworld
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How to find and catch Univolt in Palworld

A strong Electric type for your party

One of the types that gets neglected in the early and mid-game of Palworld is Electric, which doesn’t have a ton of strong offerings in the first several hours of the game. The exception to this is Univolt, a strong unicorn Pal that is perfect for dealing with Water types in Palworld.

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Univolt is an intimidating blue and yellow Pal that has access to a variety of strong Electric attacks. However, its spawn location is not easily accessible whatsoever in the early game of Palworld. As such, you might have to go about capturing it in another way. Allow me to explain in the guide below.

Finding Univolt in Palworld

Univolt is only located in the western part of the map. More specifically, you can find Univolt roaming around on the islands located northwest of Rayne Syndicate Tower. This region is full of higher level Pals, though, so you need to be fully prepared and at the right level to go journey to the area. You can see Univolt’s exact spawn location in the map screenshot below:

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When it comes to capturing Unviolt, I recommend bringing a Ground type Pal with you, as its attacks will be super effective against Electric types. You’ll see a variety of other Pals around this area, though, so make sure your party is ready for anything.

Catching Univolt in Palworld

If you want a Univolt in the early game of Palworld, there are only a couple of ways to go about doing so. The first is the most reliable, which is to buy Univolt from a Pal Merchant. Pal Merchants buy and sell all sorts of Pals, and if you’re lucky, you can find Unviolt for sale in a merchant’s inventory. This is how I found my first Univolt and it was for sale for roughly 10,000 Gold. A steep price, but in my opinion it’s worth it if you want a strong Electric type early in the game.

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You can find an early Pal Merchant in the Small Settlement to the southwest of Rayne Syndicate Tower. I outlined its location in my previous guide.

Alternatively, you can also hatch Univolt from a Large Electric Egg in Palworld. Of course, Large Electric Eggs are difficult to find and don’t guarantee to hatch a Univolt, so this method is extremely unreliable. However, it’s worth trying if you happen to find the right egg out in the world.

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