How to find and catch Suzaku in Palworld
How to find and catch Suzaku in Palworld
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How to find and catch Suzaku in Palworld

A strong Fire-type and flyer

There are plenty of Fire-type Pals you can capture in Palworld. From Foxparks to Vanwyrm to Blazehowl, Fire-types are not an uncommon sight on the island. However, if you’re looking for a strong flying Fire-type to breeze around the map with in Palworld, then Suzaku might be your best option.

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There are few better options for a Fire-type during the mid-game than Suzaku. While Ragnahawk flies faster than Suzaku as a mount, it can’t hold a candle to Suzaku in combat. So if you’re looking for a strong Fire-type that can also get you where you need to go, check out the guide below to see exactly how to find and catch Suzaku in Palworld.

Finding Suzaku in Palworld and how to catch it

While Suzaku can only be found in one region of Palworld, that region is quite large. Suzaku is located in the northeastern desert region, home to the PIDF Tower and plenty of Fire and Ground-types. This is one of the highest level areas of the game, and the wild Suzaku you encounter here are mostly level 40 and above. As such, I recommend bringing along some Water-type Pals that are close to that level as well.

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I also suggest making sure you have at least Giga Spheres on hand, as Mega Spheres won’t help your capture chances much. Suzaku can be found across the entirety of the northeastern desert and there’s a level 45 Alpha Suzaku located in the middle of the biome in case you want a guaranteed encounter with the Fire-type Pal.

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As with any other wild Pal, you want to ensure you bring Suzaku’s HP down as low as possible and then command your Pal to stop attacking. Then, keep throwing Giga or Hyper Spheres at it until you see the 100% capture on your screen.

Suzaku’s stats in Palworld

If you’re curious about what Suzaku brings to the table compared to other Pals, here’s all of the Fire-type’s stats in Palworld:

  • Type: Fire
  • Partner Skill: Wings of Flame
  • Work Suitability: Kindling Level 3
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The Partner Skill for Suzaku grants you the ability to fly, as expected, but its Work Suitability stats aren’t great for your base in general. I recommend keeping Suzaku in your party until the end game of Palworld when some of the stronger Fire-types start showing up.

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