How to find a Somber Smithing Stone (8) in Elden Ring
How to find Somber Smithing Stone (8) guide for Elden Ring
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How to find a Somber Smithing Stone (8) in Elden Ring

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In order to truly progress through the late game of Elden Ring, fans will need a properly upgraded weapon. For some weapons, all that’s needed is high-level Smithing Stones. However, for most players, special weapons will be the choice, which require Somber Smithing Stones to upgrade. Somber Smithing Stones are a true pain to find on the map, especially the ones with a higher number attached to them, such as the (8) version.

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Upcomer has tracked and documented the location of several other tough-to-find Somber Smithing Stones in previous guides. Today, we’ll be going over where to find the Somber Smithing Stone (8) in Elden Ring, which you can acquire before even getting to Leyndell, the Royal Capital. For the locations of other Somber Smithing Stones, check out the below guides.

A Somber Smithing Stone (8) in Elden Ring

There are three Somber Smithing Stone (8)’s you can find before reaching the Royal Capital. Two of them are in the same location while one is in a dangerous part of the map.

The first one you’ll likely run into is located in Caelid, just south of the Divine Tower. It can be found by killing a Teardrop Scarab that’s positioned on a broken tree. If you go to the Dragonbarrow West Site of Grace, you can head just northeast, like you’re going to the Divine Tower, to find it. It’s located in the middle between the Site of Grace and the tower.

The next two are found in the Lake of Rot, like the Somber Smithing Stone (7)’s are. To find the first one in the lake, go to the starting Site of Grace and look behind you. There will be a corpse up against the wall in the back northeast corner of the lake. This will contain the first Somber Smithing (8).

The other one is found directly south of this location, in the southeast corner of the lake. In this portion of the lake, there will be a ruin that you can climb on top of. There will be a corpse hanging off one of the pillars inside the ruins, which will hold the final Somber Smithing Stone (8). Be careful, though, as getting to this location requires you to pass the Dragonkin Soldier boss, who will chase you down.

There are stones of this variety past the Royal Capital but these are the easiest three to acquire in Elden Ring. For more helpful content, check out Upcomer’s comprehensive Elden Ring guide hub.

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