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One of the Punchcard quests for Ragsy in Fortnite Season 8 requires players to catch a Shield Fish. This fish is an extremely valuable healing item, as it restores 50 shields for the player who consumes it. However, as it’s so valuable, it can also be a little tricky to find. This can be problematic for some players, as they need to catch one to complete a specific Punchcard quest from Ragsy.

Ragsy is a brand new NPC that was added with the v18.20 update in Fortnite this week. As with every other NPC in Season 8, Ragsy has their own set of Punchcard quests that players can complete for Battle Pass XP. Each character has five quests that are each worth 30,000 XP, giving players a significant boost to their pass. In order to earn that XP, players can find out where to acquire a Shield Fish in Fortnite below.

Catching a Shield Fish in Fortnite

One of the more convenient aspects of Shield Fish is that they come in different variants. There are four different kinds of Shield Fish in Fortnite: Black and Blue, Black Striped, Light Blue and Green. Players can find some of these variants in any spot on the map, provided they have a fishing rod or Harpoon Gun.

From here, players can simply equip the rod or gun and cast out near a body of water that has some bubbling on top of the water. These are fishing hot spots that yield the best chance to catch a fish. With enough luck, players will haul in one of the Shield Fish mentioned above.

To acquire a Harpoon Gun, players will need to get lucky from a chest or floor loot. To have a better chance of acquiring the gun, or a fishing rod, players can head to Craggy Cliffs and visit the fishing shop in the center of town. Inside, they can find barrels on both floors that they can interact with. This will yield either a fishing rod or Harpoon Gun, giving players a free tool to catch the Shield Fish with.