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In this week’s v18.10 update, Epic Games added a new set of Punchcard quests to Fortnite Season 8. This was accompanied by two new NPCs on the island, Grim Fable and Big Mouth. Each of these NPCs carries their own set of quests. Grim Fable’s involves hunting a wolf, and this is preceded by needing to find a Harpoon Gun.

The Harpoon Gun was introduced earlier in Chapter 2 as a new way for players to catch fish. Of course, for this task, players don’t need the weapon to haul in some of the aquatic wildlife that Fortnite has to offer. Instead, they need to find one as quickly as possible to complete this Grim Fable Punchcard quest.

Finding a Harpoon Gun in Fortnite

To start this process, players need to get on the Battle Bus and head to Craggy Cliffs from the jump. Once they’re at the coastal POI, they must head to the central store called the Cap’N Carp. Inside of the bait and tackle store, players can either look downstairs or upwards to find a set of wooden barrels. The barrels will appear as a set of three.

Once players have found the barrels, they can interact with them by searching through them. This process will yield players with a couple of fishing rods, in all likelihood, but it may also grant them a Harpoon Gun. The barrels will keep spitting out the fishing equipment until players get what they want: the blue rarity Harpoon Gun.

After the Harpoon Gun comes out of the barrel, players will complete this specific Grim Fable Punchcard quest in Fortnite. They’ll be awarded 30,000 XP for their efforts and are able to move onto the next quest in Grim Fable’s line.