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Starfield takes place in the large expanse of space and even the planets you land on provide endless exploration. This can be a bit difficult if you find it a bit tedious to run everywhere — especially since you only have so much oxygen before you have to stop running. Here’s how to fast travel in Bethesda’s latest open world RPG.

How to fast travel in Starfield

When you’re on a planet, the easiest way to fast travel is to press “F” (or “LB” on controller) to open your Hand Scanner. Hover your mouse over the location you want to head to and then press “E” (or “A” on controller) to fast travel there.

If you’re piloting your spaceship, you can do the same thing to fast travel to a certain destination. Open the Ship Scanner with “F” and then hover over the location where you want to land, and then press “E” to fast travel. You may need to keep tapping “E” to cycle through all the destinations near you until you find the one you desire.

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Fast travel with the map

Press “Tab” to access your Character Menu and then locate the Star Map. From here, you’ll be ale to select the star system and fast travel wherever you want as long as you’ve already explored that area. You can use the Star Map to fast travel within systems or planets by zooming in, locating the specific destination, and then selecting “Set Course” for this location.

Fast travel with the Missions Menu

You can also locate the Missions Menu inside the Character Menu. Select the current mission you want to complete and then tap “R” (or “X” on the controller) to “Set Course.” This will switch the screen to your map and pinpoint the exact location you need to get to the next point of the selected mission. You can fast travel from here without having to figure out where to go on your own.

Why can’t I fast travel in Starfield?

If you are attempting to fast travel or “Set Course” in Starfield but find your character not doing so, there are a few reasons. Here are the most common reasons:

  • Encumbered: If you are carrying more than your current weight limit, you won’t be able to fast travel until you drop, sell, or transfer some stuff in your inventory
  • Combat: You are not allowed to fast travel if you’re near hostiles or mid-fight
  • Damage: If you are actively being damaged, even from the environment, you can’t fast travel
  • Too far: You can’t fast travel to places that are beyond your Grav Jump distance
  • Inside: If you’re inside a building or something similar, you won’t be able to fast travel until you’re outside
  • Ship is docked: You need to unlock your ship before you can fast travel
  • No fuel: You may need to improve your ship and get more fuel to fast travel
  • New route: You cannot fast travel to locations you haven’t discovered or fast travel through unexplored routes

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