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Like clockwork, the Legendary Quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 Week 9 are now out for all players.That means that another 180,000 XP is up for the taking from the challenge list. For players looking to reach tier 100 of the Battle Pass before Season 7 ends in Sept., the challenges are the best way to close the gap. Of course, with Fortnite challenges like equipping a Detector and disabling an Alien Billboard in the way, the XP becomes a little more difficult to earn.

This is the only two-part challenge on the Legendary Quest list in Week 9. And, although it sounds complicated, it doesn’t take much time whatsoever. Players can find out how to complete the challenge and earn an easy 45,000 XP below.

Equip a Detector and disable an Alien Billboard in Fortnite

Players must drop in the Misty Meadows location for this challenge and it must be completed during a single match.

Once players are in Misty, they will then need to equip the Detector somewhere in the POI. Luckily, it’s outlined so that players can easily find it. In the eastern portion of the POI, there’s a fountain in the town square where players can locate the Detector. When they interact with it, the device will be added to the inventory.

After the Detector is in hand, players will need to find an Alien Billboard. There are a couple of these but the one closest to the Detector’s location is in the southeastern part of Misty Meadows. From where players equipped the Detector, they must head southeast to the outskirts of the POI.

The billboard will change once players approach it, saying “Submit” across a black background. Players must fire the Detector at the billboard and this will disable it, completing the challenge. After this is done, players will be awarded 45,000 XP for their Season 7 Battle Pass.