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Want more responsive gameplay in VALORANT? You may have started looking into the raw input buffer, but it can be a bit tricky to understand. Here’s everything you need to know about how and why to use the raw input buffer in VALORANT.

Basically, if you enable the raw input buffer your keyboard and mouse commands are translated into in-game actions with far less delay. You’ll notice that you are much more precise when you avoid any enhancements to your inputs, usually caused by interfering software.

How to enable the raw input buffer in VALORANT

It’s luckily very easy to enable the raw input buffer. Here’s how:

  1. Launch VALORANT
  2. Go to the game’s Settings, indicated by a gear icon in the top right
  3. Go to Controls
  4. Scroll down to Mouse and then you’ll see Raw Input. Switch it to the On position
  5. Press Apply or Save

After these easy steps, the raw input buffer will be enabled and you’ll notice a lot better responsiveness. The input delay will be reduced and you’ll have faster reaction times. Whatever you do on your mouse and keyboard will seem to instantly and accurately translate to action on the screen.

Benefits of raw input buffer

Enabling the raw input buffer will reduce your input lag. Input lag is the delay between your physical input and the action on the screen. This is reduced significantly by the raw input buffer.

With better accuracy and responsiveness, you will notice your gameplay improving. Of course, you’ll still need mechanical skills, strategy, and communication to succeed in VALORANT. But enabling the raw input buffer never hurts.

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