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Ember is one of the new NPCs in Fortnite Season 8, courtesy of the v18.30 update, and she has a set of fiery Punchcard quests. As her name would suggest, Ember’s quests deal with fire. Players were previously required to set structures on fire, which can be done rather easily. However, the next challenge in the set has players more confused. They’re required to emote within five meters of a vehicle that’s smoking in Fortnite.

Vehicles have been an integral part of Fortnite since the early days of Chapter 2. Any player that’s used one of the vehicles knows that they’re prone to smoking and blowing up after being dealt a certain threshold of damage. However, some players are confused about how they can deal this damage so that they can emote in front of the smoking vehicle. The answer to that question can be found below.

Emoting by a vehicle that’s smoking in Fortnite

Players can begin this challenge by hopping on the Battle Bus at the start of a new match. Once on the bus, players can choose to jump to any spot they know holds a vehicle. If players aren’t sure where a vehicle spawns, they can jump and land at Weeping Woods.

Here, a couple of vehicles will spawn just east of the large building in the northern part of the POI. Players should be able to find a truck or sports car in the parking lot near this building. Once they do, players must repeatedly hit the vehicle with their pickaxe.

After a few hits, the vehicle will begin smoking, at which point players must stand in front of it and pick any emote to perform. If done correctly, this challenge be complete and players can move on to other Punchcard quests for Ember. They’ll earn 30,000 XP for completing this challenge in Fortnite.