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The Week 9 Legendary Quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 have released and are available for players to complete. The challenge set has six total tasks worth up to 180,000 XP if players complete them all. This is a great way to earn some easy Battle Pass XP and unlock those exclusive skins. One of the challenges in Week 9 that could cause a hurdle in earning that XP, though, is eliminating trespassers on the map.

This is a challenge that previously appeared during the season. Players might recall it was also a Week 5 task. In Week 9, nothing about the challenge has changed but players might need a refresher on how to complete it. This guide will do just that.

Eliminate trespassers in Fortnite

The trespassers themselves are, obviously, the aliens that invaded the Fortnite island during Season 7. However, players aren’t too sure which aliens the challenge is referring to. In short, the trespassers are the aliens that pilot the UFOs around certain POIs every match. These POIs have a purple name, instead of a white one, and will always hold a few of the UFOs.

Once a player picks a spot with a purple name, they’ll find the UFOs flying above the POI. First, players must shoot down one of the flying ships. This can be done with any ranged weapon and should be accomplished fairly quickly.

Fortnite eliminate trespassers
One of the UFOs in Fortnite. | Provided by Epic Games

After the UFO has been shot down, players need to make a note of where it crashed. Then, they must head over to the crash site, where they’ll find one of the alien trespassers patrolling outside of the area where their UFO crashed. Players must eliminate the trespasser. However, this can be tough since they have shields and an alien weapon.

Once the trespasser is dusted, the challenge is complete. Players are then awarded 30,000 XP for their Season 7 Battle Pass and can move onto other challenges.