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Riot Games’ closed beta for their new first-person shooter, Valorant, is well underway. As users eagerly await Twitch drops and log in for the first time, they might notice they’re stuck with their previous League of Legends (LoL) alias. Fortunately, there’s a simple way users can easily update both their in-game name and tagline.

Locating League of Legends account information

All Valorant accounts are, by default, tied to LoL. For this reason, you’ll need to change your alias by accessing settings through the League of Legends account site.

To do this, you’ll need to use this website. If you’ve signed in before, the site should ask you to reconfirm the log-in information. As a secondary verification, there’s a possibility it will require you to locate a code through your email before proceeding to the next step.

Alternate method: If the League of Legends client is already installed, you can access your account settings by clicking the gear symbol in the lower-right corner of the client. Then, you’ll click “Edit my account” in the lower-left corner.

Change riot ID through LoL client
Clicking the “edit account” option in the LoL account will open the account settings.

Changing your Riot Games ID

Either method you choose from the above will open the League of Legends account page. Then, select the subsection titled “Riot ID.”

Select Riot ID in LoL account management
The account management page opens after a user logs in.

Select the edit pen on the right side of your current Riot ID. Two new subsections will appear underneath the heading “New Riot ID.” In the left text box, enter your desired alias. The right text box customizes your unique numerical tagline. The numbers you enter will be used by friends to add your account.

Note: It’s best to click the “randomize” option underneath the right text box. This will automatically set an unassigned numerical combination to your alias.

Riot Games allows users to change their names once every 30 days. Make sure you’re satisfied with your alias before you save any changes. You’ll have to wait a month to change the ID if you make a mistake! Now you’re ready to give out your new alias to your gaming crew.

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