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Gold is a valuable currency in Magic: The Gathering Arena. With gold, players can purchase entries to drafts, sealed events, card styles, and packs. Even though gold is the easiest currency to obtain, it constantly feels like it’s running out. Daily quests, winning events, and even special sales all give out gold to players. Follow these easy tips to earn gold on Magic: The Gathering Arena, and you’ll be a regular Scrooge McDuck in no time.

Arena‘s Daily Rewards

Daily rewards are the easiest way to earn gold by far in Magic: The Gathering Arena. Players randomly receive a new reward task every day. Daily rewards are typically easy to complete, as it is possible to finish one in a few matches. Players can have up to three daily rewards queued up at a time, and they can be rerolled for new rewards once a day.

Daily rewards come in two flavors: quests and wins. Quests have players do specific challenges to earn their prize. Attack with a certain number of creatures, play a specific number of lands, or cast specific types of spells are among quests players can receive. Quests like these also have two levels of rewards, a high-end and a low-end.

At the low-end, players will receive 500 gold, while high-end rewards are for 750 gold. There is no risk of getting a quest below 500 gold, so it is never a bad idea to reroll. Each daily reward also gives players 500 Mastery XP when completed.

These quests can be completed against AI-controlled opponents so if players need to build 60 land deck to fulfill a quest, it can be done easily.

Daily Win Rewards

Daily Win Rewards are pretty straight forward. The more games players win, the more rewards they earn. Players can earn 15 rewards daily which include gold, XP, and individual card rewards. By getting in 15 wins, players can earn an extra 750, 250 XP, and 6 individual wild cards.

If players are a little short on time, completing the first couple of Daily Win Rewards are very profitable too. For the first four wins, players can get 550 gold and 100 XP, which is pretty good!

Mastery gold

While there is some gold to be earned through the Mastery road, it takes much longer to earn it. It is also only available to players to purchase the Mastery Pass for 3400 gems or as part of the pre-order bundle. If players can make it to the end of the mastery road, there is about 4,000 gold to earn, but only at 500 chunks at a time.

Playing in Arena limited events

If you’re good, or really lucky, you can try winning your way to mountains of gold. Drafts can give out various amounts of gold but the real prizes in drafts are gems and packs. For players looking to build their collection or are looking to turn their gold into gems, limited events are the perfect avenue.

For Magic: The Gathering Arena players looking for the best way to earn some gold quickly, getting in your daily rewards and daily win rewards are the way to go. For more tips and guides make sure to follow Daily Esports.