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Watching the upcoming VALORANT Champions Istanbul tournament will reward viewers with in-game drops, Riot Games announced Friday. Players can earn a title, spray and player card if they tune in to watch certain matches of the tournament.

Here’s how to earn drops by watching matches at Champions 2022.

Earning drops from Champions Istanbul

Viewers watching Champions Istanbul can earn drops by tuning in during specific windows on either Twitch or YouTube.

To earn the “Fire” title, watch a live game between Aug. 31-Sept. 13.

To earn the 2022 VCT Champions Curse Spray, watch a live game between Sept. 16-17.

To earn the 2022 VCT Champions Hero Card, watch a live game of the grand finals on Sept. 18.

To pair your Riot account to YouTube, follow the instructions here. To pair your account to Twitch, follow the instructions here.

Free Champions event pass

Event Pass Champions
Rewards from the free in-game Champions Istanbul event pass. | Provided by Riot Games.

Along with the drops, Champions Istanbul will also feature a free event pass. From Aug. 23 to 5 p.m. ET on Sept. 21, playing games will let your progress through the seven levels of the in-game event pass and earn the following rewards.

Level 1 – “Jett Diff” Spray
Level 2 – “Gamer” Title
Level 3 – 10 Radianite Points
Level 4 – “NICE!” Player Card
Level 5 – “Potato” Title
Level 6 – 10 Radianite Points
Level 7 – “Champions 2022 Dad Hat” Buddy

Players can also expect to see some new scenery in their VALORANT matches. Beginning Aug. 23, certain maps in-game will have a bit of extra Champions flair.

Champions Istanbul is the culmination of the VALORANT Champions Tour 2022 season. The event runs from Aug. 31-Sept. 18 in Istanbul, Turkey. The best VALORANT teams from across the globe will compete to earn the Champions trophy and the prestige of being the best team in the world.

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