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The Lightsaber in Fortnite is the latest in a long line of game-changing, seasonal weapons. Presumably, the Star Wars weapon will be vaulted once Epic Games and Lucasfilm stop this promotional tour. However, that doesn’t appear to be anytime soon, as we are still receiving Star Wars cosmetic items. So, at least until Winterfest concludes, the Lightsaber is here to stay in public matches.

Most players are still figuring how to master the weapon. However, we have a tactic that can help you completely dominate any lobby with the Lightsaber.

The best way to use the Lightsaber

As far as overpowered weapons go, there aren’t too many above the Lightsaber. The weapon can deflect bullets, farm materials, and deal insane amounts of damage to players and structures. However, there are more ways than one to go about using it.

When most players pick up a Lightsaber, they simply swing it around to gather materials or harm enemies. While this is by no means a bad strategy, there is one tactic that every Lightsaber-wielding player should use. We can see a perfect example of this technique in the Reddit clip below. Credit to u/melodicdesigns_ for the clip.

You can farm faster by jumping and swinging twice from FortNiteBR

As the video demonstrates, jumping and then performing a swing is a far more efficient use of the Lightsaber. Not only can the tactic farm materials twice as fast, but it can also help deal more damage to enemies. If you’re in a close-range engagement, use the jumping technique and you will strike your opponent twice before they can shoot you twice.

Lightsabers can only be found in special Star Wars-themed chests across the map. The chests don’t appear very often, so if you want a Lightsaber, make sure to check houses above all else. That’s where they’re most likely to spawn.

Have you tried out this tactic? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all future Fortnite news!