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There are certain ways to establish your dominance over an enemy in Call of Duty. Sure, killing them with any primary weapon is always going to be the easiest way. However, there are other ways that do the job much better, and some of those ways don’t even involve a weapon. Veteran players will likely know that we’re talking about a Finishing Move, a mechanic that has returned in style in Modern Warfare 2.

Finishing moves were introduced three years ago with Modern Warfare 2019. There wasn’t much doubt that the game’s developer, Infinity Ward, wouldn’t bring back this fan-favorite mechanic for the sequel in MW2. If you know how to perform a Finishing Move in MW2019, then you’ll know how to perform one in Modern Warfare 2.

However, if you need a refresher or perhaps you’re a new player, then you can keep reading below for all of the details about finishing moves.

Performing a finishing move in Modern Warfare 2

How to Do Modern Warfare 2 Finishing Move

There are a couple of requirements to pull off a finishing move.

First and foremost, players need to get fully behind an enemy. This is imperative in doing a finishing move, as the mechanic won’t trigger if you’re not totally behind an enemy. Sneaking up behind an enemy is usually the best way to be certain you’re 100% behind them. However, as you progress in your finishing move prowess, you can get more creative with this process. For example, jumping out of a window onto an unsuspecting enemy and performing a finishing move behind them is an advanced form of the mechanic.

Once you’re behind an enemy, you need to press and hold your melee button. By default, controller players will need to press down on their right joystick. If you’re playing on “Tactical,” then you need to press and hold Circle/B. Keyboard and mouse players can view their melee keybind in the settings of MW2.

After figuring out what your melee button is, you need to remember it and then position yourself behind an enemy. Then, hold it down while not moving behind the enemy and your finishing move should trigger. Be careful, though, as enemies can still shoot you as you’re performing the finishing move animation. Doing this mechanic out in the open isn’t too smart, but it’s up to you where and when you decide to pull off a finishing move.

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