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One of the bigger questions that players have during the early game of Lost Ark is what to do with their unused items. The choice to sell or get rid of them is a tough one. Players can get money for selling the items, but that can be a time-consuming process. An additional option players have is to dismantle their Lost Ark items.

To dismantle an item, you will have to reach Nevatia Ruins in the main story. Once here, you can take part in a quest for the Archaeologist Hadim. After you’ve completed their quest, you will earn the ability to dismantle any item that’s in your inventory.

To do so, look for the hammer icon on the bottom-left of your inventory box. Click this icon and then you have two choices. You can right-click one specific item and then press the Dismantle button. Or, you can also right-click multiple items that you wish to dismantle. Once you have all of your desired items selected, press the Dismantle button and those items will disappear from your inventory.

If you’re wondering if you should dismantle or sell your unwanted items, dismantling is usually the correct choice. Dismantling an item rewards you with precious resources that can be used for crafting, to make better gear. The only reason you should sell something is if it’s worth a lot of coin or you need money quickly for something like a shop’s item.

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