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In the third week of Fortnite Season 8, there’s another pair of Punchcard quests that players can complete for Battle Pass XP. The quests come by way of the new NPCs Raven and Nitehare. Players can seek them out on the map to start their questlines and start earning some valuable XP. Players who decide to search for Raven first will be prompted with their first Punchcard quest, which is to destroy Sideways rocks.

The Sideways is the new alternate reality that’s present in Fortnite Season 8. Players can enter The Sideways in a couple of different ways but once they’re there, they’re greeted with the sight of Cube Monsters and even the Cube Assassin. However, players can also complete a couple of Raven’s Punchcard quests in the area, including destroying a few Sideways rocks.

Destroying Sideways rocks in Fortnite Season 8

To start this quest, players need to first find Raven at the Hydro 16 Power Plant and then they can enter The Sideways. The best way to enter is to find the random POI that’s been taken over by the Cube Monsters. This POI has a large purple and orange bubble around it, which players can walk through to enter The Sideways.

However, if players can’t go this route, they can also be transported to the area via a Sideways Encounter. Players can find these all over the map and are represented by big, purple Rifts. These are marked on the map by small purple and orange swirls.

Once inside The Sideways, players simply need to look around for any rock they see. If they manage to find a few, all they need to do is start chopping at them with their pickaxe. After a few of the Sideways rocks have been destroyed, players will complete this Punchcard quest for Raven.

They’re awarded 30,000 XP and are able to move on to other quests, like launching themselves from a Sideways corruption vent.