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In Week 4 of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, the Epic Quests aren’t nearly as difficult as the Legendary Quests. The latter set features challenges that don’t offer much in way of explanation and need a guide to finish. With the Epic set, however, players should have a much easier time. One such challenge that could trip players up when completing the Epic Quests is destroying hiding places.

The hiding places are well-known to veteran players of Fortnite. They’re mainly hay bales or dumpsters, as players can hop inside and hide from enemy players if they’re low on loot or health. For this Week 4 challenge, the hiding places are indeed these traditional hay bales, but there are dozens of them across the island. Players can continue reading below to learn exactly which hay bales they need to destroy.

Destroying hiding places in Fortnite

Naturally, players can find the hiding places they’re looking for near and around Corny Complex, where most hay bales reside. These hay bales don’t need to be destroyed in one match, though. Therefore, players need not worry about dying to enemy players while completing this challenge. Additionally, the hiding places aren’t required be destroyed in any particular order; just as long as all three are demolished.

Below, players can view the exact locations of the three hay bales.

Destroy hiding places in Fortnite
The three hiding place locations in Fortnite. | Provided by Epic Games

The first hiding place is found at Corny Complex, to the south of the large barn in the middle of the POI. Next, players can make their way northeast to Steel Farm, across the river, to find the next hay bale outside of the red house. Finally, players should head northwest to the orchard. There, they will find the last hiding place inside of the red barn.

Once a player destroys all three hiding places with the pickaxe, this Week 4 challenge is complete and 30,000 XP is added to the Season 7 Battle Pass.