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The map in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 has been changed significantly since the aliens invaded the island. There are now a plethora of new items along with a couple of locations that weren’t present at the start of Season 7. One of the bigger changes was to Holly Hedges, which now goes by Holly Hatchery. There’s a low-gravity zone, some strange alien objects and mysterious trees. These trees are the center of an Epic Quest in Week 6 of Fortnite, and players need to destroy them in order to complete the task.

In Week 6, the Epic and Legendary Quests will go live on Thursday, July 15. And, as always, the challenges leaked online — which is how players know about the alien trees task. Before this challenge and the rest go live in Week 6, players can discover exactly how to destroy alien trees in Fortnite.

Destroying alien trees in Fortnite

As previously stated, the alien trees are located at Holly Hatchery and nowhere else on the Fortnite map. The entire POI has been transformed into an alien egg farm and, as such, the trees around the location have mutated. They’re now purple, blue and pink and feature a slight glow.

For the Week 6 Epic Quest, players simply must destroy five of these trees. Below is an image of the specific trees that players need to destroy. They’re found all over Holly Hatchery, but there’s one batch fairly close together that makes the challenge much easier.

Destroy alien trees
The alien trees at Holly Hatchery in Fortnite. | Provided by Epic Games

Players won’t receive much in the way of materials from the trees. However, they will receive 30,000 XP toward their Season 7 Battle Pass once five trees have been knocked down. Players can then move on to the tougher Week 6 tasks, like placing cow decoys on farms.