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The Week 12 Epic Quests are live in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 and players have the same amount of tasks to complete and XP to earn as in weeks past. Seven challenges award 210,000 XP total, a hefty sum with time running out on the Season 7 Battle Pass and with Season 8 quickly approaching. One of the easier Epic Quests this week involves delivering a saucer to Rick Sanchez at Defiant Dish.

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This particular Epic Quest only involves one hurdle but it can be a tricky one for players who don’t know where to find saucers. Moreover, some players might not have heard of the Defiant Dish location, which is where Rick Sanchez resides in Fortnite. To that end, both steps to this challenge are explained in the simple walkthrough below.

Delivering a saucer to Rick Sanchez in Fortnite

Players can begin this challenge by finding a saucer somewhere on the map. The easiest way to find one is to start a match, hop in the Battle Bus and then open up the map. Some POIs on the map will be in purple, which signifies they have alien saucers flying above them.

Landing at these locations is the easiest course of action. Players can land, find a weapon and begin shooting at one of the saucers. Once they’ve dealt enough damage, they can go find the crashed saucer, eliminate the trespasser inside and then hop inside the saucer.

The next and final step is flying the saucer to Rick Sanchez at Defiant Dish. This unnamed location sits east of Weeping Woods. All players have to do is land the saucer at the satellite station in the area. Once this is done, talk to Rick Sanchez, who can be found roaming nearby, to complete this Epic Quest.

Following these simple steps awards players 30,000 XP towards the Season 7 Battle Pass.