How to deal damage in alien biomes for Fortnite Week 11 challenge
Deal damage in alien biomes in Fortnite
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How to deal damage in alien biomes for Fortnite Week 11 challenge

Put some damage in where the aliens reside
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The Week 11 Epic Quests are live in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 and players have a chance to earn 210,000 XP from them. Each one of the seven challenges in the set is worth 30,000 XP, which is a huge chunk for player’s Season 7 Battle Passes. Of course, completing challenges is always easier said than done. One of the challenges that could give players trouble in Week 11 is dealing damage in alien biomes.

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The most difficult part of this challenge will depend on the player trying to complete it. Some players might not have any idea what an alien biome is. Therefore, they may be stuck before they even start. However, for players that do know where alien biomes are, this task requires damage to be dealt to other players or aliens. Though, if the biome is rid of aliens and doesn’t have any enemy players, the players could be out of luck. This guide will go over how to avoid getting stuck when trying to deal damage in alien biomes.

Dealing damage in alien biomes in Fortnite

First off, players need to know where to find alien biomes in Fortnite. There are a few biomes and players will know a POI has turned into one if it has a low-gravity area surrounding it. The low-gravity area is purple in color and will have a myriad of aliens near and around it.

The easiest alien biome that players can visit is Holly Hatchery. This POI is always filled with aliens and is a hot-drop for players. Players can easily deal damage in Holly Hatchery if they land there from the battle bus.

Alien biome in Fortnite
One of the alien biomes in Holly Hatchery. | Provided by Epic Games

The damage dealt inside of the biome can be to either an enemy or alien. Players simply need to ensure that whatever they’re dealing damage to is inside of the low-gravity area. Once they’ve reached the damage threshold for the challenge, players will have completed this Week 11 Epic Quest. They will then be awarded 30,000 XP for their Season 7 Battle Pass.

For those that need other challenges completed, Holly Hatchery is also home to alien parasites. These creatures are a requirement for three other challenges in Week 11. Players can stick around to mark an alien parasite, go for a swim with one or dance with the creature on their head.

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