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The aliens have made their presence felt on the map in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7. From abducting Farmer Steel to transforming locations into their own egg-hatching station, there’s no doubt the aliens have taken over the island. This isn’t exemplified better than the saucers they drive around the map. These vehicles can be a real nuisance if players don’t take them down. Luckily, one of the Fortnite Week 6 Legendary Quests requires players to damage these alien-driven saucers.

This challenge isn’t among the toughest tasks in Week 6 but it can be difficult if players don’t know where to look. Luckily, the locations for the alien vehicles are clearly outlined on the map before every match.

Damaging an alien-driven saucer in Fortnite

In order to complete the Fortnite Week 6 challenge that requires players to damage an alien-driven saucer, players must join an online lobby. Once players are on the pre-lobby island, they can look at the map to see exactly where the alien saucers will be.

The locations for the alien-driven saucers are marked by certain POIs. These appear with a purple name instead of the standard white one. There are a few locations that hold the saucers every match, so players can pick whichever one is closest to the Battle Bus. Otherwise, they can choose to land at a POI far away. This will minimize the chance of enemy players shooting at the same saucer.

After players have landed, they can look up and see the saucers flying above them. Then, they need to find a weapon or two and immediately start firing at the vehicles. Only 25 damage is needed to complete the challenge, so not much shooting is required. Once players have dealt enough damage and taken down an alien-driven saucer, they’ll complete the Fortnite Week 6 Epic Quest. Players will then earn 30,000 XP for their Battle Pass.