How to craft the Hyper Shield in Palworld
How to craft the Hyper Shield in Palworld
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How to craft the Hyper Shield in Palworld

The best shield in the game

There are four shields you can craft and equip in Palworld, but the Hyper Shield is the best of the bunch. Featuring the most capacity and strength, the Hyper Shield protects you the most from dangerous Pals or pesky NPCs.

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However, you don’t get the chance to craft the Hyper Shield until the late game of Palworld and it requires a specific base station to create along with a ton of resources. If you want to see how you can craft the Hyper Shield for yourself, check out the guide below.

Crafting the Hyper Shield in Palworld

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For starters, the Hyper Shield doesn’t become craftable until you reach level 42 in Palworld. This means you have to wait until you reach Level 43 and then head into the Technology menu. Here, you’ll see the Hyper Shield can be unlocked for three Technology Points.

Once you unlock the recipe for the Hyper Shield, you can see it requires the following materials:

  • x30 Ancient Civilization Parts
  • x100 Paldium Fragments

Those materials aren’t the end of what’s required to craft the Hyper Shield, though. In addition to those resources, you need to ensure you have crafted the Production Assembly Line II base station, which is unlocked at level 42 in the Technology menu. The Production Assembly Line II requires the following materials to craft in your base:

  • x10 Circuit Boards
  • x30 Nails
  • x100 Refined Ingots
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Finally, after you craft and build the Production Assembly Line II, you can interact with it to find the recipe for the Hyper Shield. Click on “start production” on the Hyper Shield and, after some time, you will successfully craft the best shield in Palworld. I would ensure you have some Handiwork Pals at your base to help with this process, as the Hyper Shield takes a long time to make by yourself.

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Your final step is to equip the Hyper Shield onto your character, giving you a ton of shield capacity and the most protection possible.

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