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Converting mouse sensitivity between different games can be challenging and often confusing. This is especially true in a game like Splitgate, where a player’s field of view (FOV) can change their sensitivity.

Splitgate is an up-and-coming first-person shooter that is often described as a mix of Halo and Portal. As the number of players rises, so does the desire to figure out what the perfect sensitivity is. VALORANT players will need to do some extra steps if they want to transfer their sensitivity to Splitgate.

First, players must ensure that thier FOV is set to 90 in Splitgate. Since Splitgate is available on consoles as well as PC, the field of view can be altered. For the best results, and for the sensitivity to be as accurate as possible, players should make sure the FOV is set to 90. The FOV setting can be found under the settings tab in the video panel.

Converting VALORANT sensitivity to Splitgate

There are two ways that players can convert their sensitivity. First, they can go to a sensitivity converter website like aiming.pro. This will provide a quick and easy way to convert the sensitivity. However, they can also do this mathematically.

To convert sensitivity from VALORANT to Splitgate, a player can multiply their VALORANT sensitivity by 7.467413. For example, if a player’s sensitivity in VALORANT is 0.65, the sensitivity they would need for Splitgate would be 4.853819. Both the sensitivity converter and the multiplication will get the player the answer they need to have their sensitivity feel the same in both games. In addition to inputting the player’s VALORANT sensitivity, aiming.pro also allows players to enter their mouse DPI as well. That way, the answer that the player receives is even more accurate than without the mouse DPI input.