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The Week 8 Epic and Legendary Quests in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 will soon go live and players are looking for a head start on completing them. Luckily for them, the challenge list leaked early, as it does every week, and this provides a sneak peek at the week’s tasks. If players have already peeked, they might have noticed a Week 8 challenge that requires them to converse with characters to identify an infiltrator in Fortnite.

Week 8 of Fortnite seems to be all about spy work. One of the other Legendary Quests has players planting wiretaps and another involves accessing an IO computer. For this specific task, though, the player must get a bit more involved. There are five characters on the Fortnite map that players can converse with and each one is a suspect. The question is, which characters do the players need to visit to complete the challenge?

Conversing with characters to identify an infiltrator in Fortnite

This challenge is relatively simple in practice. Players must simply talk to five NPCs on the map. The NPCs can be found across the island but they aren’t in difficult-to-reach spots. For this Week 8 challenge, however, players must be specific about which characters they choose to visit.

Below, players can see exactly what NPCs they need to talk to and where they’re located.

Fortnite NPCs
The five locations of possible infiltrators in Fortnite. | Provided by Epic Games
  • Sunny
  • Joey
  • Human Bill
  • Abstrakt
  • Bunker Jonesy

Each of these NPCs can be talked to in whatever order players would like. All it takes is a simple conversation with the characters to check them off the list. Players don’t need to visit all five in one match, though, which makes the challenge much easier.

Once players converse with all five characters, the Week 8 Fortnite challenge is complete. Players will earn 30,000 XP for their Season 7 Battle Pass and can then move onto other Legendary Quests.