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Torin has been an NPC in Fortnite Season 8 since the installment first launched in Sept. However, up until now, she didn’t have a firm set of Punchcard quests. Thanks to the v18.30 update in Fortnite, though, Torin now has her own set of Punchcard quests that players can complete for Season 8 Battle Pass.

The v18.30 update in Fortnite introduced three new NPCs in the form of Shadow Ops, Ember and Sledgehammer. These NPCs came with their own set of Punchcard quests but none had been on the map prior to the update. Torin has been on the map for a month and she’s still in the same location after the update. However, now players can start her questline when they interact with her. Torin’s Punchcard quests can be seen in full below.

Torin’s Punchcard quests in Fortnite

Players can begin Torin’s quests by interacting with her on the map. She is located just north of the purple Aftermath in the middle of the map, now known as The Convergence. This is southwest of Corny Crops. Torin is patrolling a large building near some Mothership debris in this location.

As players approach the location, they’ll see a talking bubble appear that indicates exactly where Torin is. Once players find the NPC, they can interact with her to start the Punchcard questline.

  • Save Corrupted Teddy Bears (0/3)
  • Visit a mountain peak (0/1)
  • Boost the signal at places of transformation (0/2)
  • Dig up items of transformation (0/2)
  • Bring the chair back into phase (0/1)

Torin’s quests have somewhat of a theme to them. They all seem to involve phase-shifting and transformation with the exception of visiting a mountain peak. These challenges will be tough to complete for players who are unaware of where to find the items to transform or phase. Luckily, Upcomer is releasing challenge guides throughout this week to help players complete their Punchcard quests as quickly as possible.