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Flight Risk is one of the tougher Faction missions that players can take on for the [Redacted] Faction in Call of Duty DMZ. The Tier 2 mission entirely revolves around the Heavy Chopper, which is a new vehicle in DMZ that was introduced with the recent Season 3 update. While at first glance the mission might seem easy enough, players will quickly realize they could be stuck on Flight Risk for quite some time.

The Heavy Chopper in DMZ can be used to exfiltrate from a match and also utilized to reign down hellfire on your enemies from the sky. However, there are not too many choppers on the map at once and players will also need Heavy Chopper Fuel before they can even take off in the vehicle.

All of these objectives are on display in the Flight Risk mission, and we’ll do our best to guide players along in their journey to complete it in DMZ.

Completing Flight Risk in DMZ

Flight Risk DMZ
Provided by Activision

The three objectives for Flight Risk are as follows:

  • Acquire special Heavy Chopper Fuel
  • Refuel the Heavy Chopper
  • Exfiltrate using the Heavy Chopper

Before players can even think about flying the Heavy Chopper, they need to find fuel for it. Our best recommendation to find this special fuel is to look around the spawn points of the chopper. However, if that doesn’t work out, then you’re best off looking on the train that goes around Al Mazrah or at Al Malik Airport, both inside and outside it.

Once you have managed to find some fuel, you need to locate the chopper itself. The spawns for the chopper alternate every DMZ match, but you can usually find one at Hafid Port, which is on the western side of Al Mazrah.

Wherever you manage to find a Heavy Chopper, all you need to do to exfiltrate with it is fly it out of bounds. After a certain point, the game will automatically trigger an exfiltration for you and anyone else on the chopper. Once you’ve managed to exfil, the Flight Risk mission is complete in DMZ.

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