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Ryujin Industries stealth

How to complete Starfield Sabotage mission with stealth

If you’re trying to complete all the Ryujin Industries missions in Starfield, you will come across the Sabotage mission. This one is a bit tricky, however, so here’s how to complete this stealth-focused mission.

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The Sabotage mission in Starfield can be completed using stealth mode to avoid casualties. Here’s how to do just that.

Sabotage mission rewards

Mission rewards
Credits x7,000
Operator Suit
Med packs x3
Digipicks x2

How to complete the Sabotage mission in Starfield using stealth

After you complete The Key Ingredient, you’ll notice that the Sabotage mission starts automatically. First, you’ll need to find Dalton by taking the elevator to the Executive Offices at Ryujin Industries. He’ll ask you to attend a (mandatory) meeting.

Once the meeting is over, head to the Research and Development floor by taking the elevator. You’ll speak with Veena over there after an operation is completed. Walk up to the observation deck and scan Demarcus, the test subject. When you interact with him, select the “manipulation” option.

Force him to pick up the keys that are on a nearby table and then direct him to open the door. Meet up with Veena and Demarcus and then take the elevator back to Masako’s office on the Executive Offices floor.

This is when you’ll need to use stealth mode.

Use steal to complete Starfield Sabotage mission

Masako will tell you to sneak in through the roof or use a fake identity. You’ll be given a fake ID and an operator suit that makes it harder to detect you. Visit Dalton or Ularu without getting detected. Fast travel to New Atlantis and go to the commercial district.

If you choose to use the fake ID, walk up to the front desk and go to the marketing floor. Wait until the receptionist leaves and then take the elevator to the roof. Or you can walk around teh building and sneak through the side door, head upstairs, and make your way to the roof floor. Either way, you can manipulate the nearby guard to turn off the fan to clear the path.

When you come across the maintenance system, you’ll need to solve a Digipick puzzle to turn on the heating system. Make it overheat to create large clouds in the building that further help you sneak around.

Go through the vent and drop down at the end to find offices with blue walls. You’ll need to solve another Digipick puzzle. Avoid the guard that’s roaming this area. Once inside, you’ll need to complete yet another Digipick puzzle to run the program on Lucas’ computer.

Stealthfully make your way outside and jump over a small fence. Head to the vent at the end of the offices and drop down into the bathroom. Make your way through the building from here by making your way through side rooms to avoid detection. You’ll need to manipulate a guard once you get to a larger door at the end of this area.

Once he leaves, turn left and go through another vent. You’ll see an office with birthday decorations that will let you know you’re heading the right way. Take a right, then a left, and you’ll be at another vent you need to drop down.

To leave the elevator shaft, jump across the hallway and make your way through a dark area by inching along some pipes. Sneak a bit further and then jump across the hallway again to reach yet another vent. When you drop down again, turn right and head up the stairs all while in stealth mode to avoid guards.

You’ll enter an office with Faye’s computer. Click “overseer program” to complete the hack. Once this is complete, you’ll need downstairs and encounter a security door that requires your fake ID to open. Hack the security access to allow you to sneak to the Neuroamp Prototype without getting caught before returning the same way you came in.

Once you make your way to the lobby, leave the building and find David Barron inside the SSNN building. Finish the conversation with him and return to Masako to complete the mission. The final Ryujin Industries mission will be revealed, Executive Level.