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Fortnite Season 8 has two more fresh NPCs on the island in the form of Ragsy and Dire. Epic Games added them in with the v18.20 update overnight and players now have the chance to earn more Battle Pass XP. Each NPC comes with their own Punchcard quests, which players can complete for XP in order to start earning the various Battle Pass cosmetics.

Just like any other NPC in Season 8, Ragsy has a set of five Punchcard quests that players can complete for 30,000 XP each. This brings the grand total to 150,000 XP for completing the questline.

Completing Ragsy’s Punchcard quests in Fortnite

To start, players must pay a visit to Ragsy in Risky Reels, which is west of Corny Crops. Once they’ve talked to the Cuddle Team Leader, they’ll start their questline. Players must complete all five tasks in a row, so there’s no skipping allowed. However, with Ragsy’s quests, there won’t be a need to skip, as they’re fairly straightforward.

  • Purchase a Shield from a Vending Machine
  • Consume both a Small Shield Potion and a Shield Fish (0/2)
  • Harvest Stone from Sideways Rocks (0/50)
  • Use a shield item while in the Sideways
  • Take damage from an enemy player and survive

The quests seem to involve the use of a shield, or players are required with them in some way. The only Punchcard quest for Ragsy that doesn’t involve a shield is the task of harvesting stone from Sideways Rocks. There’s also the challenge of taking damage from an enemy player and surviving. However, players can use the shield they received from a previous quest to help them complete this particular challenge. They can take small damage from a far-away enemy, heal up with a shield and then proceed to take that enemy out.

Once players complete these challenges, they’ll have added 150,000 XP to their Season 8 Battle Pass.