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The Punchcard quests following the v18.21 update in Fortnite Season 8 may have been cause for confusion. Whether it’s in the Ariana Grande or Dark Jonesy Punchcard questline, players have some challenging tasks before them. One specific quest for Dark Jonesy requires players to collect Scrolls at IO Bases. Players can look below for a full guide on how to collect Scrolls for Dark Jonesy.

Collecting Scrolls at IO Bases in Fortnite

This is the first task in Dark Jonesy’s Punchcard questline. Players can visit the NPC at his location in Steamy Stacks to begin the challenges. Once there, players should see a talking bubble appear near the large building on the western side of the location. Shortly after interacting with the NPC, players can make their way to an IO base. Below, players can see every IO Base that they can collect a Scroll at in Fortnite Season 8.

IO Bases in Fortnit
The location of all five IO Bases in Fortnite. | Provided by Epic Games

Once players have navigated their way to a base, they can begin the search for Scrolls. There’s only one Scroll at each of the bases, so players will have to visit each and every one at some point. Luckily, the order in which players visit the bases doesn’t matter. At each base, players can find a noticeable Scroll sitting on the floor of the building. Players can then hold the interact button when prompted and that Scroll will be collected.

After players have collected all five Scrolls, this Punchcard quest for Dark Jonesy will be complete. Players will then be awarded 30,000 XP for this quest and can then move on to other quests in the set, like returning the Spirit Vessel to the Oracle.