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The storyline of Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 is progressing with each week. As of right now, the focus of the story is on the aliens and the eggs that they’ve laid in Holly Hatchery — which was aptly named for the occasion. While players might not know what the eggs are for, it’s clear that the aliens need some help once they hatch.

One of the Legendary Quests in Week 7 of Fortnite requires players to collect parenting books. Obviously, these books are for the soon-to-be alien parents. The two locations in which players need to look for parenting books are Holly Hatchery and Retail Row. However, as no other information was given in the challenge, players will need to search around for the books. Luckily, only one location is required.

Collecting parenting books in Fortnite

While only one location is required, both Holly Hatchery and Retail Row’s parenting books can be seen below. This is just in case players may need to visit one location over the other depending on the specific match.

Once at the preferred POI, players only need to find two parenting books. They’re pretty spread out in either location, so it might be wise to find a weapon of some kind first. Retail and Holly are two popular drop spots, so enemies could try and pick players off as they look for the books.

Below, both Retail Row and Holly Hatchery’s parenting books can be seen.

Retail Row parenting books
The three parenting books in Retail Row. | Provided by Epic Games
Holly Hatchery parenting books
The three parenting books in Holly Hatchery. | Provided by Epic Games

Only two parenting books are needed for either location. However, three books are found in both POIs, so players have their pick of which two they choose. Most of the books are located in various houses within the POI. Once players have found two parenting books, the challenge is complete and 30,000 XP is awarded to their Season 7 Battle Pass.