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Week 4 in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is a full-go and that means that the Epic and Legendary Quests will soon go live. The two sets of challenges offer opportunities for players to rank up and earn XP for their Battle Pass. For Week 4, the Legendary Quests are a bit more tough to complete than the Epic section. One of the challenges that make the Legendary set more difficult is collecting the Doomsday Preppers Guide.

As with past challenges in Fortnite, this task doesn’t give an indication of where the item is located. Players could spend hours running around the Season 7 island, looking for the guide in order to earn the coveted 30,000 XP. However, they can also read below to find the exact location of the Doomsday Preppers Guide and save some valuable time.

Collecting Doomsday Preppers Guide in Fortnite

Finding the small guide book is not a simple task in the slightest, especially with the size of the Season 7 Fortnite island. Luckily, data-miners have discovered exactly where the guide is located before the challenges have gone live.

In order to find the Doomsday Preppers Guide, players must head to Hydro 16. This is an unnamed POI between Lazy Lake and Slurpy Swamp. It’s marked by a large dam and medium-sized factory that’s been home to many other challenges in the past.

Below, players can see the guide’s location: inside of an office in the building on the southeast side.

The blue colored guide sports a picture of a llama on the front and a pencil is attached on the side. This guide can  be found on the floor of the office. Players must interact with it in order for the challenge to be completed. Then, players will be awarded 30,000 XP for this Week 4 Legendary Quest.