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As July draws to a close, Prime Gaming and Activision have teamed up for yet another bundle in Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard.

There was another Prime bundle that arrived in both games earlier in July. However, that bundle is now gone, and a new one has replaced it for the month of August. The new bundle is called “Full Defense” and has rewards for both Warzone and Vanguard. The bundle comes complete with a weapon blueprint, Operator skin, sticker, emblem, calling card, and killcam theme.

Prime Gaming is a service that many developers use to offer free content to fans who are also members of Amazon Prime. The service was previously called Twitch Prime, but the end goal is the same regardless of the name. As long as players are members of Amazon Prime or have access to a Prime account, they can claim any rewards that come via the service. For example, earlier this month, an Apex Legends bundle went live for Prime Gaming, allowing Apex fans to claim exclusive loot that cannot be obtained by any other means. The same goes for this new Warzone and Vanguard bundle.

Claiming the Prime Gaming bundle in Warzone and Vanguard

In order to claim the new bundle, all players have to have is an active Amazon Prime and Activision account. If they have both of those, they can follow the steps below to claim their free Prime Gaming loot.

  • Go to the COD Prime Gaming website through this link
  • Click “Claim Now” on the July rewards box named the “Shore’s End Bundle”
  • Log into your Amazon Prime account
  • Link that account with your Activision account
  • Log into your Activision account and allow Prime Gaming to be linked
  • Click “Complete Claim”

Once players have claimed their bundle, they will receive the following items the next time they log into either Warzone or Vanguard:

  • Legendary Desert Pinstripes Skin
  • Epic Counterinsurgency Blueprint
  • Legendary Golden Grenadier Emblem
  • Legendary No Oasis Killcam Theme
  • Epic Heat of Battle Calling Card

This Prime Gaming offer will expire sometime in August, so fans should act fast if they want to claim the free loot.

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