How to claim the Apex Legends Wraith Twitch Prime skin
Apex Legends Wraith Twitch Prime skin

How to claim the Apex Legends Wraith Twitch Prime skin

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Twitch Prime and Apex Legends have teamed up yet again to bring players a brand new skin. Over the course of the game’s life cycle, we’ve seen a number of outfits become available to claim through Twitch Prime. Caustic, Pathfinder, Wattson, Octane, Mirage, etc. all have skins through the service. However, we’ve yet to see an outfit for Apex Legends‘ most popular character, being Wraith. That’s, of course, going to change today with the unveiling of a new Twitch Prime skin. Here’s how you can claim it on your Apex Legends account.

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The new Wraith Twitch Prime skin

While we didn’t know the exact design of the skin, we did know that an outfit for Wraith was coming. If you go to the Twitch Prime page for Apex Legends, you can see when new skins are coming and, as the date gets closer, which legends are involved.

Of course, now we know what the skin looks like since today, April 15, is when the reward goes live. Below you can see an image of the skin courtesy of data-miner @iLootGames.

The “Forgotten in the Void” skin for Wraith is quite menacing, with some kind of black paint on the legend’s face. It’s also more colorful than many of the other Wraith skins currently in the game. If you’re wondering how you can claim this skin, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Apex Legends Twitch Prime page.
  2. Sign in to Twitch.
  3. Make sure your Twitch and EA accounts are linked.
  4. Select “Claim Now” on the Forgotten in the Void skin.

After you’ve done those steps, the skin should be waiting for you the next time you hop on Apex Legends. If it doesn’t appear, try restarting your application and logging in again.

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