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Apex Legends announced a new medallion players can claim to celebrate the tenth anniversary of  STAR WARS: The Old Republic on Wednesday. The medallion is available to claim until the (current) Escape season ends.

“Celebrate the 10-year anniversary of STAR WARS: The Old Republic with The Old Republic’s anniversary medallion! Log in now through the end of Escape to claim it for free,” the Apex Legends account tweeted.

This isn’t the only special event going on in Apex Legends, currently. Players can also check out the pirate-themed Raiders Collection event until Dec. 21.

Apex crossovers

Though this is not the first crossover weapon charm in Apex Legends, it does fit neatly with the trend of largely only crossing over with other titles under the game’s publisher, EA. STAR WARS: The Old Republic joins its BioWare sibling Mass Effect in boasting an Apex Legends weapon charm, as EA is the publisher on all three titles.

Outside of weapon charms based on other EA-published games, Apex’s main crossover has been with streetwear company Market. The companies collaborated to bring fashion-forward skins to the game for Wraith, Gibraltar, Bloodhound, Lifeline and Mirage.

How to claim the STAR WARS: The Old Republic anniversary medallion

Claiming the STAR WARS: The Old Republic anniversary medallion in Apex Legends is a breeze. Simply log into your Apex account on whichever platform you prefer and open the event hub in the game’s main menu. Select the STAR WARS; The Old Republic tenth anniversary event page. Here you’ll find a button to claim the medallion. Press it and you should be good to go.

The commemorative weapon charm itself is a circle of gold with one half each featuring the sigils of The Old Republic’s two factions: the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. Players can sport their love for the classic MMO in style, so long as they claim the medallion before Escape wraps up.

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