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Pre-order bonuses have become the norm in today’s video game industry, and Spider-Man 2 continued the trend of offering special rewards to players who decided to purchase the game early.

There are two main editions of Spider-Man 2, the Standard and Digital Deluxe, that both offer various pre-order rewards. All of these items are either related to cosmetics or gameplay, with the real-life rewards only coming from the very expensive Collector’s Edition.

If you spent the time and money to pre-order the Standard or Digital Deluxe Editions of Spider-Man 2, however, you need to know how to actually claim your bonuses.

Claiming pre-order bonuses in Spider-Man 2

The pre-order bonuses for Spider-Man 2. Image via Sony

Luckily, the process to claim all your pre-order bonuses is extremely simple. However, let’s first run through all of the possible bonuses you could have received depending on the edition of Spider-Man 2 you purchased.

Here are the pre-order bonuses for the Standard Edition:

  • Two fully unlocked suits for both Peter Parker and Miles Morales
  • Web Grabber Gadget
  • Three Skill Points

And here are the pre-order bonuses for the Digital Deluxe Edition:

  • 10 fully unlocked suits for both Peter Parker and Miles Morales
  • Web Grabber Gadget
  • Five Skill Points
  • Extra Photo Mode items

To claim all of these items, you just have to make it through the opening section of Spider-Man 2. After fighting Sandman in the opening hour of the game, you will unlock the ability to change suits, access your Gadgets, and spend Skill Points, which encompass nearly all of the possible pre-order bonuses. The game walks you through navigating to these different sections of the game as well, so it’s impossible to miss them.

So if you’re just starting Spider-Man 2 but want your fancy new suit as soon as possible or to spend your extra Skill Points, just wait until after Sandman is defeated.

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