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While Pokémon Scarlet and Violet have changed many longtime features and mechanics of the Pokémon franchise, the games have also brought back a plethora of mainstay staples. This includes the total number of Gyms, choosing a starter, and so forth. One underrated feature that returned in Paldea is the Mystery Gift system. Mystery Gifts have been around in Pokémon since the early days, and in Scarlet and Violet, players can claim all-new gifts for their playthrough.

The Mystery Gift system works much differently today than when it was first introduced almost twenty years ago. Back then, the system was designed for extremely special events that offered players rewards. The concept of this system has remained the same, but the rewards today are much more plentiful and easily accessible. If you’re curious about how to claim any Mystery Gifts that Scarlet and Violet offer, keep reading the guide below.

Claiming Mystery Gifts in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Provided by Nintendo

When you launch Pokémon Scarlet or Violet, head to your nearest Pokémon Center (the first one you can find in the game is in Los Platos). This is one of the first places you visit, but you can pick any Pokémon Center.

Once that’s been accomplished, you can open your menu by pressing “X” and then selecting the option that says “Poké Portal.” From this menu, select “Mystery Gift” and you will be brought to the Mystery Gift page. Here, you can enter any active Mystery Gift code and receive the reward that’s associated with it.

To do this, you can select one of two options. The first is “Internet,” and this will be the option you select if the developers ever give out free items to the entire player base. For specific codes, select the option that says “Code/Password” and you will be able to enter your code.

Regardless of which Mystery Gift route you go, make sure to save your game after your rewards have been claimed.

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