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MLB The Show 23 allows players to compete as a large array of real-world Major League Baseball players in a simulated sporting experience. Fans of the game have the option to take on story modes with historical backdrops or challenge their friends online.

However, any player will encounter times when the servers won’t seem to cooperate, preventing them from participating in online play. Here are our tips for how you can check the MLB The Show server status whenever you encounter problems connecting to the internet.

How to check MLB The Show server status

The best place to look for information on the MLB The Show server status is the official MLB The Show Twitter account. This Twitter account often announces whenever the developers have been made aware of any issues with the servers. Similarly, the same account should provide updates to help you figure out if the server errors have been resolved yet.

If the game’s official Twitter account has tweeted about an issue with the game servers but hasn’t yet tweeted about a resolution, you can generally assume that the developers are still working on a fix. However, there are times where the MLB The Show 23 servers go down and the Twitter account has not yet commented on it.

If you can’t seem to connect to the internet in MLB The Show 23 but the game’s official Twitter account hasn’t referenced any server errors, you can also seek information from a third-party website. For example, Downdetector can tell you what the average amount of reported outages is at a given time of day and whether there have been an abnormally high number of reported outages recently.

If Downdetector shows that there have recently been an exceptionally high amount of reported outages within the past few hours, you can reasonably assume that the MLB The Show 23 servers are down. Conversely, if Downdetector doesn’t show a significant amount of outages, you should check to see if the problem is with your own internet connection rather than the game’s servers.

MLB The Show maintenance

Oftentimes the servers will go down due to planned maintenance, likely because a new update is on the way. In these cases, you should similarly be able to look to the official Twitter account for updates on the MLB The Show server status.

However, another option is to head to the Game Updates Archive page that hosts the MLB The Show patch notes. These patch notes not only show what day a new patch is supposed to arrive, but also what time of day it should become available. As a result, you can expect the servers to go down around the time that each update is scheduled.

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