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There is arguably nothing more important in an FPS like VALORANT than precision. Sure, you can make the right call on offense or defense and know exactly where the enemy is going or going to be. However, if your aim is even a little bit off, your element of surprise is completely out the window. If you want to avoid that situation and ensure you always have an accurate shot in VALORANT, then you might want to learn how to change your sensitivity.

Sensitivity is essentially how your mouse reacts to your movements. If you have a high sensitivity, then your aim will move a lot when your mouse moves, and vice versa with a low sensitivity. Traditionally, players have generally kept a medium sensitivity, so their aim doesn’t lag behind or become too out of control. Of course, every player has different preferences, and you can change your sensitivity on the fly in VALORANT to see exactly what settings you prefer.

Change your Sensitivity in VALORANT

Your first step to change your sensitivity is to go to the main lobby screen and click the Cog icon. From here, click on Settings and then go to the General tab. In the general tab, you will see a section that allows you to change your mouse sensitivity in a variety of different ways.

Change your sensitivity in Valorant
Image via Riot Games

I recommend you mess around with all of the sensitivity options to see what works best for you. If I were to offer s starting point, it would be around 0.3 sensitivity, as this is a great middle-ground that isn’t too high or too low.

However, you must also consider what your current mouse DPI is. That is a setting that you control outside of the game, either on your mouse itself or through software. Your mouse DPI will drastically affect your in-game sensitivity. I suggest going with a mouse DPI of 800 and then adjusting your in-game sensitivity in VALORANT.

You have complete freedom to make your sensitivity however you want it, though.

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